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Orca Glass offers the highest quality of stained glass windows and hanging panels on the market today. Orca Glass started as a hobby over 28 years ago and since then, we have provided superior service to our customers and have designed and built many stained glass windows and panels. Our 28 plus years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as being a dependable and reliable source of custom made stained glass windows and panels.

When you locate your Orca Glass stained glass panel in a sunny window, it will send rainbows of color throughout the room as the sun changes position.

We are located in the city of Surrey British Columbia on the U.S. Canada Border, just south of Vancouver British Columbia. Vancouver is located about 100 miles north of Seattle Washington.

Every custom designed and built stained glass window and hanging panel is created using the traditional method, cutting the glass, fitting each piece with lead came then soldering the lead together where the strips of lead touch. A metal frame is added to complete the construction.

The panels can be inset into a wood frame, an existing wall opening, cabinet doors or hooks can be added for hanging.

All Orca Glass windows are suitable for use in a location that is exposed to weather or inset into a door. They are sealed with a glass putty designed for stained glass that will seal and strengthen it to prevent leakage or bowing if the door is abruptly closed.

I use a lot of bevels and different textured clear glass in my panels. When the panels are placed where the sun can shine through them, the bevels refract the sunlight sending rainbows of light that move across the room as the sun changes position.

Most Orca Glass stained glass windows and panels are shipped from Bellingham or Blaine Washington for US customers and Vancouver British Columbia for Canadian customers to keep shipping charges as low as we can.

Your new Stained Glass panel will arrive in a large carton custom made for your panel and will be well protected on all six sides to protect it during shipping.

Shipping price includes packing, shipping, insurance and tracking.

I do custom orders so if you have a design in mind and would like to have a stained glass window, stained glass panel or cabinet doors made from your design, I can do it.

I will be pleased to work with you to get that stained glass window, cabinet door(s) or hanging panel you always wanted.

Please contact me Jay, at orcaglass@shaw.ca if I can answer any questions or help you with a design

We sell panels on eBay.  Click here to see the panels we currently have for sale on eBay.    My items on eBay   

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