Care And Feeding
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Every Orca Glass stained glass window has a personality. Some like to overlook a scenic vista. These windows are a bit picky. They like to be fed lots of sunshine and occasional use of a duster. You can even use a glass cleaner and a soft cleaning cloth. Some are not so demanding and just like to hang in a window that gets some sunshine and the occasional dusting. Still others like the quiet of being in a transom over a doorway. They are all quite happy with the occasional dusting.

If you have windows open in the warmer months Orca Glass windows have a tendency to collect dust. Its just something they do and no matter how much attention you give them, they will do it. Its not a trait I build into them, its just a part of every Orca Glass’s windows personality. I think they just like the tickle of a duster. They really like to be occasionally sprayed with a window cleaner and a rubdown with a soft lint free soft cloth or a paper towel.

Wherever you put your Orca Glass stained glass window or how you clean them, an Orca Glass stained glass panel will reward you by sparkling in the sun and send rainbows of color into any room and compliment any decor you have.

Some of the panels like a bath occasionally. To give it a bath, place a folded towel on the bottom of your bathtub to protect the tub and panel. Being careful not to flex the panel lay it on the towel. With just enough warm water to cover the panel use any dishwashing soap and a fairly soft brush give your panel a rubdown. When its clean rinse well with warm water from the shower and pat dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel.  Rehang the panel and enjoy its beauty for many years.

The secret to keeping an Orca Glass stained glass window or panel happy is to feed it lots of sunshine.  It will reward you by sending rainbows of light into the room as the sun changes position in the sky and shines through the bevels.

Digital pictures do not capture the true beauty and sparkle of stained glass windows. They are much more vivid and brilliant in real life than in photographs.

 If at anytime, while browsing through our web site, you have any questions don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at orcaglass@shaw.ca

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